Music Education, Music Teaching Area (5-9, 6-12, or K-12)

Music education majors at NNU can expect to participate in a variety of music courses. The curriculum gives students a broad understanding of the skills necessary to be a music educator, including band and music theory, ensemble, music history, improvisation, and more.

Music-Education majors are required to:

  1. participate in a minimum of one ensemble each semester
  2. spend four semesters participating in the major ensemble based on their performance medium 
  3. perform in both large and small instrumental ensembles appropriate to their particular instrument. All students whose applied performance area is instrumental will enroll in a small ensemble (chamber group, jazz combo, or similar ensemble) for at least one semester
  4. study privately each semester in their primary performance medium: voice or instrument (additional fee required)
  5. pass a juried examination in their performance medium each semester. A minimum of six examinations must be on file to qualify for graduation in music. Exceptions will only be by permission from the chair of the Music Department
  6. attend ten recitals or concerts each semester.

Students are held responsible for complying and being familiar with the music program policies as outlined in the Music Program Handbook. Copies are available in the Music Department office.

Note: Most students require more than 8 semesters to complete this program.