Bachelor of Arts in Music

NNU's music curriculum has been developed to prepare students with the skills needed to create, perform, and appreciate music. The program provides ensembles, lessons, and courses, which are open to all students. The music department also regularly holds concerts and recitals on campus that are open to the public.

Learn more about this degree and the required courses in the NNU Catalog.

An acceptable level of keyboard proficiency (determined by examination) is required in all music emphases. A student may acquire needed skills by taking available piano courses.

Additionally all music majors are required to:
  • participate in a minimum of one ensemble per semester
  • spend four semesters participating in the major ensemble based on their performance medium  
  • study privately each semester in their primary performance medium: voice or instrument (additional fee required)
  • pass a juried examination in their performance medium each semester. A minimum of six examinations must be on file to qualify for graduation in music. Exceptions will only be by permission from the Chair of the Music Department.
  • attend ten recitals or concerts each semester.

Applied Concentration

This was designed for students interested in music performance and private studio teaching, or for those who plan to pursue graduate work in performance, pedagogy, or theory. Requirements are listed in the NNU Catalog.